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24 Hour Alcohol Liquor Store Delivery – Academy Corner Store at 975 Academy Way #107 ( Kelowna 2022)

The Academy Corner Store just CLOSED their service and now you are headed back and need some Beer, Wine, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whisky of the Best Brands and More.

StayRunners and Friends with Fridges are your After LAST CALL Service for Alcohol Delivery. The fastest and cheapest service available, Friends with Fridges stock their own personal liquor and gift for a tip 24/7. You pay on delivery and many forms of payment available.

alcohol delivery liquor delivery

We always have updates on Kelowna you can find those at the StayRunners Kelowna page by clicking here

When the services at Academy Corner Store are closed, Friends with Fridges have some extra Alcohol, Liquor Vodka Beer Wine Congac Rum Seltzer Tequila, and Cigarette Vape Weed Pods Edibles Flower and Cannabis to gift for a Tip.

Friends with Fridges will keep the good times going late night all night

No need to worry about what time it is or if Academy Corner Store service just closed, we also provide any type of alcohol fast to you. Cigarettes, Tobacco, Cannabis and more.

StayRunners Friends with Fridges is your 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Store. Always stocking the Best Brands so you can keep the good times going.

Friends with Fridges have their own personal liquor on hand to Gift for a Tip 24/7. Before the stores are closed they can shop for you or after the liquor stores close, Friends with Fridges buy liquor for their own personal consumption and have some extra to gift to you any time of the night.

StayRunners specialty is Alcohol Delivery. One night, someone called Graham and asked him if he had some extra beer that he can bring over to his friends house. He said he could as long as he could get a tip for his time and effort.

Hence the model began, the 24 hour Virtual Liquor Store. What stay runners does best is 24 Hour Alcohol, 24 Hour Liquor, After Hours Alcohol Delivery and 24 Hour Liquor Store Delivery.

24 Hour Alcohol Liquor Store Delivery in Kelowna

Friends with Fridges are you superheros at night. They have a heart and know that you want to keep those good times going with your friends and loved ones. They try to get you exactly what you are looking for, and if they dont have the brand that you had in mind, there are other brands that they have on their person that can gift for a tip 24/7.

alcohol delivery liquor delivery

Keeping the Good Times going and Keeping the Community Safe, StayRunners is your 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Store serving cities across the globe, in 80 countries and at 250,000 business establishments.

Graham Alexander, Founder of the 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Store, had a friend killed due to a tragic car accident. If only his friend had a service like this, it would have saved one life. The number of lives StayRunners saves a day cannot be underestimated. His mission is to keep the good times going and let a Friend with a Fridge do the driving for you so you dont have to worry about running out or time.

The 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Store Invention, with Friends with Fridges will always be there as it was in the times of Jesus when there was no more wine, in the bible, it was said that at the Wedding of Cana where Mary his Mother told Jesus that there was no more wine, and to keep those moments going during the wedding ceremony, Jesus turned 6 bottles from water to wine, and it was the best wine, and that was served last.

StayRunners saves you the Best for Last, through our Super Heros keeping the roads safe and the good times going for you by offerring Alcohol Wine, Beer, Vodka and more as long as you are over the legal age limit and not intoxicated.

Keep the Good Times going with StayRunners 24/7 Delievery

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