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Need some liquor delivery tonight?

Are you looking for some after hours liquor delivery in Surrey? Well, we feel the craving to say ‘Cheers’ with your friends and enjoy that late-night party. Or, are you looking for a ‘liquor store near me’ on your search engine, and the results show all shops are closed? Well, whatever your reason, AfterHoursLiquor can help you with your 24 hour alcohol needs.

To fulfil your after hour alcohol needs, what if we say we can provide you with your 24 hour alcohol delivery through a Personal helper? Sounds intriguing, right? 

Well, now that’s the exciting part of using AfterHoursLiquor, 24 hour Virtual Liquor Store in Surrey. Do you want to place your order now?

You can order your vapes, cannabis, and weeds for a chill vibe, along with your liquor delivery.

Choose your favorite alcoholic drink!

Friends with Fridges 

AfterHoursLiquor 24/7 Alcohol Delivery are your virtual concierge or personal helpers with extra alcohol in their homes, such as beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, and many more, that they are willing to bring to your doorstep in exchange for a tip.

If the liquor stores are closed or you have run out of drinks, AfterHoursLiqour 24/7 Alcohol Delivery has a solution with Friends with Fridges

Friends with Fridges are regular people who want to help you keep the good times rolling, and if you are over 21 and not intoxicated at the time of your purchase, you can receive this gift 24 hours a day.

How to order with AfterHoursLiqour?

Simply fill out our order request form with the necessary information. You can also chat with our customer service representative, who will forward your order to a Friend with a Fridge near you to deliver your alcohol or cigarettes within 30 minutes!

We have Friends with Fridges, who have weed, cannabis, and flavoured vapes ready to give away, and cigar delivery is also an option if you order from Afterhoursliquor.

Friends with Fridges can also deliver to Hotels and Airbnb in Surrey.

Thus, Friends with Fridges also delivers to any hotel you stay in Surrey.

Are you searching for any 24 hours Liquor Delivery in Surrey? Look no more!

AfterHoursLiquor and their friends with fridges will satisfy your liquor cravings.

So, you can find us by entering terms like an alcohol store near me or alcohol store open near me, 24 hour liquor store, after hours alcohol delivery, liquor delivery, cigarette delivery, and liquor store in Surrey.

Don’t think so much when you can enjoy your booze anytime with our 24/7 delivery service only through some clicks.

How to find alcohol, weed, or vape delivery in Surrey?

Visit our website


Place a quick call on +1 (778) 244 8695 to get instant delivery from a Friend with a Fridge in your city. Thank you!

See us on Google maps.

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